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All of these tips are courtesy of Priscilla Luong - Miss American Junior Teen 2002.  These are the best tips I have found so far.
Thanks Priscilla!

Along with the right color, it is crucial for a serious competitor to purchase clothing in a style that is most flattering to their figure.  In any pageant, there will always be at least two girls that wear the same dress or suit.  However, the girl who chose that certain style of suiting because it flatters her figure or customizes the suit/dress with good alterations, will always stand out over other contestants. When seeking out your best look for competition, there are many things to take into consideration: necklines, sleeves, skirt, & jacket style.


ROUND: Good for heart/pear shaped faces.  Should be avoided by round faces and sloping shoulders.

BATEAU: Good for oblong faces and sloped shoulders, but unflattering to square/round shaped faces and wide shoulders, since this style widens and shortens the face.

V: Elongates neck and face, great for large busts and short necks.  Wide V's flatter square, round, and pear shaped faces, but should be avoided by girls with long or skinny necks/faces.  Narrow V's widen the neck. 

HALTER: Fabulous for well toned and proportioned shoulders, even better when you have great posture!  Sloping and narrow shoulders should not wear this.

MANDARIN COLLAR: Flattering on long necks.  Should e avoided by girls with short necks as it makes them disappear.

COWL: Softens square, diamond, and oblong faces, but bad for short necks.

TURTLENECK: Widens face and shorten neck, great on long necks and oblong faces.

SQUARE: Square, oblong, thin, and long faces should avoid this.  Narrow faces can be widened with a broad square.

U: Widens the neck.  Good for large busted.

ONE SHOULDER: Needs wide or average shoulders, and should be avoided by sloping shoulders.  Angles make a difference.  Requires great posture.  Make sure the shoulder is on the same side as the banner (the left side).

STRAPLESS: Needs well toned shoulders and great posture. 

OFF-SHOULDER: Broadens shoulders, great for narrow faces (i.e. oblong).


SLEEVELESS: Avoid this if you have thin or heavy arms, wide or sloping/narrow shoulders.

CAP: Good for sloping shoulders, avoid this if you have heavy or thin arms and/or wide shoulders.

SHORT: Beautiful on thin arms and sloping shoulders.  If you are large busted, do not have the sleeve end at the center of your bust. 

BELL: Good for heavy arms

3/4:  Great on petite girls or girls with short arms.  Do not wear this if you have large hands.

LONG: Only on thin arms!

RAGLAN SLEEVE: Flattering to square/broad shoulders


STRAIGHT: Fabulous on petite girls or girls who are slender-average and are physically fit

SLIT: Elongates the leg

A-LINE: Hides hips and tummy, and should hang away from the heaviest part of the hip

WRAPAROUND: Slimming to hips

CENTER FRONT PLEAT: Slimming and adds height

FULL/GATHERED SKIRT: Avoid this if you are very petite.  Flattering to full figures or average-tall frames.


BOLERO: Flattering to those who are petite or have short arms or legs.  Avoid this if you have a heavy derriere.

CHANEL JACKET:  Good for petite, large bustline, large hips, and full figures.

SINGLE BREASTED: Great for petite, large busted, heavy hips, and round shoulders.

DOUBLE BREASTED: Most flattering on tall girls or girls who have sloping/narrow shoulders

SHORT: Draws attention to a trim waist and adds height.

LONG: Hides wide hips and derrieres and lengthens a short waist.

SHOULDER PADDED: Balances hips and shoulders.