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All of these tips are courtesy of Priscilla Luong - Miss American Junior Teen 2002.  These are the best tips I have found so far.
Thanks Priscilla!

In general, these questions are some the most difficult questions the judges will ask, for more questions, check your newsletters.  If you are an older contestant, judges may also ask you questions from the younger division lists as well.

1) Who is your favorite person?
2) Tell me about your best friend.
3) What is your favorite color?
4) Do you have any brothers or sisters?
5) What do you like to do for fun with your brothers and sisters?
6) Do you like to read?  What is your favorite bedtime story?
7) Tell me about your favorite toy.
8) If you can have one wish, what would it be?
9) How do you help out around the house?
10) What is your favorite game?
11) What is your favorite food?
12) What do you do for fun?
13) What do you want to be when you grow up?
14) Who is the nicest person you know, and what nice things have they done for you?
15) Where is your favorite place to go?
16) Tell me about something that makes you happy.
17) What is your favorite song?  Can you sing a little bit of it for me?
18) What is your favorite zoo animal?
19) What do you like the most about your grandparents?
20) Where do you want to go after the pageant?
21) Who is your favorite person on TV?
22) How many people are in your family?  What do you like to do with them?
23) Do you like cartoons?  If you can be any character on your favorite cartoon who would it be?
24) If you were a superhero, what would be your super power?
25) Do you like to draw?  What is your favorite thing to draw?
26) Do you have any pets or animal friends?  What do you like best about them?
27) How do you feel when your Mommy or Daddy makes you drink milk and eat vegetables?
28) What is your favorite type of fruit?  How about your favorite candy?
29) Which is one is yummier healthy food or junk food?
30) Who is your favorite Disney princess?
31) What is your favorite shape?  Why do you like it?
32) What is your favorite smell?  Least favorite?
33) Which letter of the alphabet is your favorite?  Why?
34) What do you like to do by yourself?
35) What do you want to do tomorrow?
36) Tell me about your favorite food.
37) Which color in the rainbow is your favorite?
38) When is your favorite time to look up at the sky?
39) Who is your favorite person to hug?  Why?
40) What is the best thing you did yesterday?

1) How do your favorite teachers inspire you to learn more? 
2) How can teachers help students excel in the classroom?
3) Which subject in school do you find most interesting?
4) What is your favorite after school activity?
5) Who is your favorite author?
6) What color in the rainbow best describes your personality?
7) If you can meet any person, living or deceased, who would it be and why?
8) How do you make a difference in your community?
9) Which three words best describe you?  Why?
10) If you can be any age, what would it be and why?
11) Tell me three things you want to accomplish before graduating high school.
12) Tell me about your family.
13) Tell me about yourself.
14) Who are your role models?  What outstanding qualities do they possess, and do you possess these qualities?
15) What do you want to accomplish before turning sixteen?
16) What makes you proud to be an American?
17) What is there to do in your hometown?
18) Define friendship.
19) Who do you trust the most?  Why?
20) Tell me about the biggest mistake you ever made.
21) If you can travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
22) What are three things that scare you the most in life?
23) Which famous person in the media today is the best role model for girls your age?
24) How do you spend your free time outside of school?
25) What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
26) How do you feel about homework?
27) Describe a character from your favorite book.  Are you like this character?  What do you like about them?
28) What is the first thing you would say to president if he walked through the door right now?
29) Tell me about your favorite word and why you like it.
30) What is the most difficult change that has effected your life so far?
31) Describe a tradition that is unique to your family.
32) What is more valuable to you having intelligence or having character?
33) What is your favorite thing to do at home?
34) Do you have any chores at home?  How do you feel about kids helping around the house?
35) Do you love your siblings?  When was the last time you told them "I love you?"
36) If you can be anyone for one day, who would it be and why?
37) What is your favorite type of music?  What does it say about you?
38) Compare yourself to your favorite musical artist.
39) What do you do that is creative in your spare time?
40) Where do you want to go to college?  How will you get there?
41) Name three steps that will get you closer to your future career.
42) How do you feel about the community you live in?
43) You have just been named class president, what changes do you want to see happen?  How will you make it happen?
44) Kids always complain about school lunches, how do you feel about yours?  What is good?  What is bad?  How should it change?
45) How do you react to bullies?
46) Which media figure in your age group do you most admire?
47) What makes you most excited about being in the pageant?
48) What is the most valuable skill you have gained in this pageant so far?
49) Is scholastic achievement or possessing a strong sense of character more important?
50) Why did you enter this competition?
51) If you can have any special talent that you do not have now, what would you want?
52) Which is scarier, talking to a group of adults or a group of your peers?
53) How do you feel right now?
54) What is the first thing you are going to do when you see your family after this interview?
55) What is your favorite book?  Tell me about your favorite character.
56) Which TV Network is your favorite?
57) Tell me about an interesting assignment you had in school.  What did you learn?
58) How do you get back on your feet after being let down?
59) When are you the most happy?
60) Tell me about 3 of your greatest blessings.

Jr. Teen/Teen/Coed
1) When was the last time you kissed you father?
2) Where do you see yourself in five years?  Ten years?
3) What qualities constitute a good friend?
4) If you caught another contestant violating a pageant rule or regulation, how would you react?
5) How do you deal with irate people?
6) You have just won the state title, but you have a local title for Miss Teen USA, which title would you relinquish?  Why?
7) Which contestant, other than yourself, should win this pageant?
8) What would you do with a red crayon?
9) When you look into the mirror, what do you see?
10) Why are you competing in this pageant?
11) Tell me a joke.
12) What food best describes your personality?
13) You can be a superhero for one day!  What is your superhero name and what is your power?
14) Substance abuse is huge problem among teens, how do you stay drug free?  What solutions do you propose to solve this problem?
15) Which TV Program best describes your life?
16) If you can choose to be beautiful, intelligent, or rich, which quality do you choose?
17) What is your favorite charity and how do you help their cause?
18) What makes you unique?
19) How do you overcome adversity?
20) What three qualities constitute a great leader?
21) What is your favorite charity, and how have you contributed to their cause?
22) Tell me about the most important decision you have had to make.
23) What makes you happy?  Angry?  Nervous?
24) What is the greatest challenge facing young women today?
25) Compare yourself to your favorite dessert/color/fictional character.
26) Tell me a story about your family.
27) What is your most embarrassing moment?
28) How do you feel about women being drafted?
29) Define feminism.
30) Who do you think will be the first woman to become president?  Why?
31) As a student in college or college bound, do you think it is fair to use affirmative action?
32) How do you respond to people who think pageants are outdated, superficial, and degrading to women?
33) What have you done to make a difference in someone's life in the past three days?
34) Who raised you?
35) What is there to do in your hometown?
36) As an American, what constitutional rights do you value most?
37) Who do you think is the most influential person of the 20th Century?
38) What are you most ashamed of?
39) Many adult women have been able to balance a career with the demands of motherhood, but if you must choose between being an employer or a mother in the future, which do you choose?
40) How would you react if you saw yourself misrepresented on a supermarket tabloid?
41) Describe the ideal woman, and tell me what she has in common with you.
42) Do you consider yourself to be a girl, a woman, or both?
43) What confuses you?
44) How do you feel about standardized tests?
45) Do you prefer sweet, spicy, salty, or sour foods?  What does this tell people about you?
46) Compare yourself to your favorite food.
47) What do you think about this pageant?
48) Which competition is your strongest point? Weakest?
49) When do you feel the most like yourself?
50) What is the name of the contestant that stands in front/behind you in the line up?  How do you feel about her?
51) If you could alter any of your physical features, which one would it be and why?
52) What is your anti-drug?
53) What makes you a person of character?
54) In general, which is more important to you, possessing emotional strength or being completely open?
55) If you could change anything about your past or your family's past what would it be and why?
56) What three things make you proud to be part of "Generation Y?"
57) Do you think you were happier as a child or today?  Why?
58) If you can be president for one day, what would you do?  What will you say when you have to address the nation?
59) Which is more important, friendship or personal success?
60) Is individuality an asset or liability?
61) Which freedom do you value the most: life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness?  When do you think these rights should be taken away from a person?
62) Why do you think so few eighteen year olds vote?
63) How will your extracurricular activities prepare you for your future career?
64) If you had to spend the rest of your life eating one thing, what would it be?
65) What is your biggest secret?
66) How do you feel about pageants that rely more on "image" instead of "inner beauty?"
67) What is something that you can tell me that no one knows about you?
68) How do you feel about the increasing popularity of "Reality TV?"
69) What is the oldest clothing article in your closet?  Why is it still there?
70) Tell me what you think the world will be like one hundred years from now.
71) Give me your best imitation of your favorite cartoon character.
72) Which TV show best describes your family?
73) Tell me your biggest moment of utter humiliation.
75) What do you feel contributes more to character development: success or failure?
80) What opportunities do you look forward to during your year of reign, if you are chosen as the new queen?
81) Which contestant do you think is most deserving of this title?  Why should she win over you?
82) Tell me what constitutes a winner in this competition.
83) Do you think inner beauty can be a reflection of outer beauty?
84) What is the worst habit you have?
85) If you must join the armed forces, which branch would you choose? Why?
86) There were Baby Boomers and Generation X in the generations before you, what do you think your generation will go down in history as?
87) What is the best thing about living in the 21st Century?
88) Who do you feel is the most influential woman of the 20th Century?
89) Do you think there will ever be a female president?  Who will it be?
90) What is the strangest food you have ever tried?  Did you like it?
91) If you could be on any reality television show, which one would you choose?
92) Which constitutional freedom do you value most as an American?
93) What do you enjoy most about being a young adult?
94) Do you think contestants with cosmetic surgery should be permitted to compete in pageants?  What if the contestant was in a severe accident?
95) You have been granted a miraculous healing power that could terminate any single disease, which one disease would you choose?
96) Define feminism.
97) It is okay for women to wear pants, but why are people so uncomfortable with men in skirts?
98) In a game of "Truth or Dare" which one do you choose more often?  Why?
99) I love desserts, which is better, cake or pie?  Pudding or ice cream?  Why?
100) How do you stay physically fit?  Is this a priority to you?

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