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All of these tips are courtesy of Priscilla Luong - Miss American Junior Teen 2002.  These are the best tips I have found so far.
Thanks Priscilla!

It's almost pageant time!  Time to start packing.  Whenever I am getting ready to go to a pageant, I always make a complete and detailed list of things I need to pack in my suitcases.  It is always important to bring back-up outfits and "an emergency kit" just in case.

Keep a small box or travel toiletries bag filled with these items pageant weekend to take care of any last minute problems, especially in the dressing rooms.  You may also carry these items in your make-up case.  A travel/miniature sized package should be sufficient.

-  Sewing kit: various sized needles, thread to match each one of your outfits, thimble, small scissors, notions for each outfit (extra buttons, hook and eyes, beads, rhinestones, backings, etc.), safety pins in various sizes
- Hot glue gun with extra glue sticks
- Aleene's tacky glue
- Breath mints/Listerine Strips/Toothpicks
- Tylenol/Antacids/Cough Drops/Medications
- Feminine Products
- Nail file and clippers
- Extra nylons
- Shout Wipes/Stain Removers
- Cotton swabs and cotton balls
- Energy snacks
- Bobby pins
- Hairspray
- Hand-held Mirror
- Tweezers
- Deodorant (make sure it is the clear type)
- Propane Powered Curling Iron (outlets are scarce in dressing rooms)
- Clear nail polish: to stop runs in nylons and fixing nail polish chips
- Polish remover: get rid of shoe scuffs on acrylic and synthetic upper shoes
- Band aids and antibiotic ointment: 3M Active strips are the best kind to use
- Extra Contact Lenses, Case, Eye Drops (if needed)
- Ankle/Knee Brace and Instant Cold Compress: especially for dancers, gymnasts, and martial artists

- Interview Outfit (2)
- Interview Shoes (2)
- Interview Accessories
- Formal Dress (2)
- Formal Shoes (2)
- Formal Accessories
- Optional Competition Outfits, Shoes, and Accessories
- Arrival Outfit, Shoes, and Accessories
- Rehearsal/Fun Casual Outfits, Shoes, and Accessories (State: 3-5, National: 7-9)
- Swimsuit, Cover-up, and Sandals (if hotel has a pool)
- Pajamas (State: 2-4, National: 6-8)
- Bathrobe and Slippers
- Nylons (8-10)
- Slips/Petticoat
- Brassieres (strapless, bustier, and regular)
- Panties
- Raincoat/Jacket
- Purse/Tote
- Garment Bags

- Contact lenses supply and spare contacts
- Eye drops
- Vitamins/medication
- Antacids
- Petroleum jelly
- Band-aids in various sizes
- Rubbing alcohol
- Insect repellent
- Anti-itch creme

- Hair Dryer
- Curling Iron
- Hot Rollers/Sponge Curlers
- Extension Cord
- Hairspray
- Mousse/Gel
- Large Toothed Comb
- Teasing Comb
- Roller Clips/Bobby Pins
- Shampoo/Conditioner
- Barrettes
- Hair Nets (for dancers/ballerinas)
- Shower Caps

- Make-up
- Light-up make-up mirror
- Cotton swabs
- Cotton balls

- Cosmetic brush kit/sponges
- Facial cleanser, moisturizer
- Acne/skin medications and necessities
- Manicure and pedicure items

- Body Wash with Puff/Loofah
- Deodorant
- Razors and Shaving Creme
- Hand and Body Lotions
- Dental Needs

- Pageant Binder: this should be a complete archive of your pageant newsletters and any correspondence between you, the pageant offices, and sponsors IN
CLUDING an extra copy of your application.  It will be a handy reference for you pageant weekend.
- Check-in Portfolio: photogenic entries (if needed), emcee cards, money set aside for tickets/competition entry in separate envelopes, optional competition forms and entry items, transcripts, etc.
- Alarm clock
- Snack foods
- Camera and film
- Iron
- Small ironing board
- Travel sized steamer
- Gift exchange gifts (if needed)
- Airline tickets (if needed)
- Umbrella
- Books and magazines
- Writing Pens, address book, business cards
- Sunglasses
- Spot detergent
- Spending money